Tobacco and Cigarettes


Our services pertaining to Tobacco and Cigarette industry include:

Leaf Tobacco


Agro foods & Beverages

We provide services to the food processing industry for projects, machinery and materials. We cover fruits, vegetables (dehydrated & processed products), dairy, confectionery and other product areas. Our services in bringing agro-food ideas into reality include the followings :



We provide services pertaining to the packaging industry the following are the highlights of the services we provide:


Sensory Evaluation of Cigarettes

Setting up complete in-house evaluation system. This includes training members in evaluation techniques, test methods, data generation and interpretation. We provide expertise in setting up end-to-end in-house sensory evaluation system. If there is an existing system we reinforce it with sound protocols and screening existing smokers / panel members. Thus making sensory evaluation a more effective tool. There is always a shortage of good panel members. More often than not numbers are not adequate. It is important that all panel members return reliable results. We will study the evaluation behavior of each panel member and make suggestions to bring all on the same wavelength.


Quality Monitoring and Quality control Systems

We provide system, protocols and methods for quality control at production units and monitoring quality of cigarettes at market.


Product (cigarette) knowledge workshops for Managers, Employees and new entrants for quality appreciation

Generally Marketing, Finance or HR functions do not have much exposure to the technicalities of tobacco and cigarette manufacture. We have devised a highly popular workshop called PKW where we take participants through the gamut of cigarette production whereby different functions in the cigarette manufacturing industry understand the complexity, limitations and capabilities. A knowledge based organization generally raises the quality table a few notches up and thus stays ahead of the competition.

Topics we cover in the workshop are :

Leaf Grades and Blending, Technicalities of Smoke, Cigarette Paper, Filters and FE, Ventilation, Tobacco processing, Casing and Flavors, Product / process variability, Lab analysis and data interpretation, Quality control and quality monitoring, Product development process, Cigarette Design, Sensory Evaluation and LIP Cigarettes.